The Verein deutscher IFYE's e.V. was originally founded as a alumni association for participants in the IFYE exchange. It was in 2000 that the association took over the organization of the IFYE exchange from the BLE ("Bundesamt für Landwirtschaft, Ernährung und Forsten"). Many former program participants are represented in the association. The implementation takes place in cooperation with the local 4-H clubs in the exchange countries.

The exchange program was originally intended for young farmers and housekeepers or house economists, gardeners, winemakers and foresters. They should have the opportunity to gain practical experience on farms abroad.

This exchange program is now open to all people from the agricultural sector and rural areas.

IFYE Meetings and Conferences

IFYE meetings and conferences

The IFYEs are not only in Germany, but all over the world. Under Links you will find some websites of the IFYE organizations in other countries. You can find upcoming IFYE meetings and conferences under Events.

IFYE meetings (Germany)

It is a tradition in the German association that an IFYE meeting takes place on a weekend twice a year (spring and autumn). This is always organized by members in other places in Germany. The IFYE meetings guarantee a lot of fun and a social get-together with various local activities.

European Conferences

The European IFYEs organize a European IFYE Conference once a year, always in a different country. A colorful adventure, craft and cultural program is offered over the 5 - 7 days. You get to talk to IFYEs from other countries and it's a great opportunity to exchange experiences and make new international contacts.

World Conferences

A World IFYE Conference takes place every five years in countries on different continents. Similar to the European conferences, a world conference also offers varied and interesting activities.