1. When is the application deadline?

    The application deadline is December 31st of the previous year.
  2. What costs should I expect for the program?

    The participation fee including flights varies depending on the country and is based on the flight fees and is set anew every year. In addition, depending on the country, there are costs for entry (e.g. visa) and insurance (e.g. international travel health insurance), if not available. In the country, food, accommodation and transfers between the host families are covered. You have to pay for your own shopping or travel trips on site.
  3. How much pocket money do I need?

    The other expenses vary greatly and depend on your own wishes, requirements, planning and the price level in the host country.
  4. When does the program begin or end?

    and is the period flexible?

    The ideal start is mid-June, as this is when you can also take part in the introduction/orientation in the host country. But later starts (and in exceptional cases earlier) are also possible. The program usually lasts around 8-12 weeks.

  5. Can I apply to a specific host country?

    Yes, the desired host country should definitely be mentioned in the application. After the application period ends, the board distributes the applicants among the host countries, taking their wishes into account. Unfortunately, not all wishes can always be fulfilled, so alternative wishes should also be given in the application.
  6. Can I choose the region in my host country?

    No, but the coordinators in the host country take the wishes and interests of the IFYE into account when selecting host families.
  7. How many host families do I have?
    Can I choose these?

    As a rule, the host families are changed approximately every two to three weeks, so the number of host families depends on the length of stay abroad. The coordinator in the host country is responsible for selecting the host families.
  8. What criteria are used to select host families?

    The organization of the host families is taken over by the host country. The coordinators try to respond to the interests and wishes of the IFYE. However, this cannot be guaranteed.
  9. What happens if I don't get along with my host family?

    In consultation with the on-site coordinator, an early change of host family is possible depending on the situation. Of course, this only applies if there are valid reasons, and a certain delay must be expected until a new host family is found.
  10. How much will/must I work with my host family?

    This depends very much on the circumstances in the host family. However, as a complete family member, helping on the farm or in the household is a given.
  11. Can I go on vacation or have family or friends visit me during my time with the host families?

    In order to experience the culture of the host country on site, full integration of the IFYE into family life is very important. Therefore, visits from family or friends are not welcome.
  12. Am I allowed to drive vehicles (cars, tractors, trucks) with my host family?

    In general, of course, this depends on the laws of the respective host country. With an international driving license, our participants have been able to drive a car in any exchange country (information without guarantee). For tractors and trucks, this only applies in individual cases and must be clarified on site.
  13. Will I receive an internship certificate?

    No. This is not an official internship, but an (agricultural) exchange program. A confirmation of participation can of course be issued afterwards. 
  14. I didn't grw up on a farm. Can I still apply?

    Of course this is not a problem. An agricultural background is an advantage, but the only basic requirement for an application is an interest in life in rural areas.
  15. I would like to apply together with my friend. Will we end up in the same country?

    The wish can definitely be expressed. However, there is no guarantee for this.

  16. Is there internet access everywhere?

    No. This depends very much on the local conditions and the host family and should therefore not be assumed.

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