"Two friends were already abroad as IFYE and told me about their great time. I'm really looking forward to my exchange.

Katharina Fuchs

26 years old, Student, from Walsheim (Rheinland-Pfalz)

Country: South Korea

Interest's: Baking, cooking, traveling, sports

"I became aware of IFYE through a friend who took part in the exchange in 2019. I'm looking forward to getting to know many new people and the culture of the USA."

Milena Meier

23 years old, Student, from Bunsoh (Schleswig-Holstein)

Country: USA
(3 Month)

Interest's: Landjugend, horse riding, reading

"A family friend pointed this program out to me and told me about her beautiful and adventurous experiences. I have a lot of expectations for the USA, but the main thing is that I have fun."

Anne Westerhoff

19 years old, Pupil, from Kleve

Country: USA
(3 Month)
Interest's: Badminton, gym, meeting friends, watching films, floristry

"An apprentice at my parents' farm told me about the exchange. I'm really excited about the country and the people!"

Thomas Kratzer

21 years old, from Kühlenthal (Bayern)

Country: Switzerland (3 Month)

Interests: farming, music, reading, cycling

"I came across the program through Pauline Heil, a former participant. I'm looking forward to meeting lots of new people and a new culture and gaining lots of new experiences."

Sina-Marie Gaukelsbrink

19 years old, Pupil, from Wellingholzhausen (Niedersachsen)

Country: Estonia (3 Month): 

Interest's: Reading, horse riding, playing the clarinet, sports (gym)

"I found out about IFYE through an acquaintance and former participant (Uta Henningsen). I'm looking forward to impressions of the culture and life of the Finns."

Patrick Dreesen

24 years old, Project Manager, from Stolk (Schleswig-Holstein)

Country: Finland

Interest's: Traveling, cooking, motorcycling, reading

"I found out about the exchange via the Internet and I'm really looking forward to Norway."

Nike Kolumbuchi

19 years old, from Goldenbek

Country: Norway

Interest's: Climbing, sports, throwing rubber boots, plants, animals

"I found out about the program from an IFYE participant on our farm and I was immediately impressed by IFYE. I hope that I can learn a lot for my professional and personal future."

Simeon Becker

19 years old, from Neustadt a.d. Weinstraße, Student (Rheinland-Pfalz)

Country: USA
Interest's: Agriculture, fishing, hunting, animals

"My aunt was an IFYE 40 years ago and I'm looking forward to expanding my cultural knowledge."

Marie-Theresé Gruel

23 years old, Student, from Stadthagen (Niedersachsen)

Country: USA; 3 Month

Interest's: reading, cinema, meeting friends, animals