Staying with host families in Estonia, Finland or Norway for 3 months

Numerous lakes in Finland and Estonia invite you to swim

Norwegian fjords offer unforgettable views

ESTONIA, the land of digitalization
FINLAND, the land of a thousand seas
NORWAY, the land of fjords

Do you like breathtaking landscapes and are interested in the everyday life of people in the far north or just want to see something of the world and meet new people? Then the Nordic countries are just right for you!


Finland is the most forested country in the EU and has many lakes. The Finns love to spend their beautiful, light-filled summer in this endless nature, because the midnight sun makes the day length in summer almost endless. A typical stay is in the summer house, where you can spend your time relaxing in the sauna and then swimming in the cool lake. In contrast to the warm, pleasant summer is the mostly dark and sometimes very cold winter, when the active residents of Finland usually keep fit by cross-country skiing.



High mountains and rocky slopes characterize Norway's famous fjords. In addition to the fjords, there are many interesting traditions and nice families here and there in the north who are happy to host IFYE's.


"Estonia, where is that supposed to be?
I've never heard of this country!"

The first participant who wanted to travel to Estonia heard this sentence in 1996 when she wanted to change money in the bank for her IFYE time.

The whole thing was a few years ago now, Estonia has become better known and people also pay with the euro there. - But to be honest - most people don't know much about the small country on the Baltic Sea.

So what can we imagine about this country?

Johanna Knoblauch, IFYE in 2007 in Estonia said the following:

"Flat grassland, forest and swamp areas, old wooden houses with saunas, uncomplicated people and internet access as a basic right for every citizen."